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#Antibiotics are defenseless against #Viruses!


Therapeutic essential oils kill viruses and bacteria.

Where pharmaceuticals and antibiotics cannot penetrate the cell membrane to fight viruses, therapeutic essential oils CAN penetrate cells to kill viruses and bacteria that live inside and outside the cells.

The Scientific Facts:

  • Diffusing a blend of clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils killed over 99% of bacteria in 12 minutes.The longer the essential oil blend was diffused, the greater the reduction in microbes, according to lead Scientist Diane Home, Weber state University.
  • In 1987, in one of the most comprehensive studies conducted, Scientist in Scotland identified the most powerful antibacterial essential oils- thyme, cinnamon, clove, and geranium. Cinnamon, thyme and clove essential oils killed 92% pf 25 different gram negative and positive bacterial strains, according to research published in the international Journal of Food Microbiology.“The antimicrobial properties of essential oils have been thoroughly and systematically studied.”
  • Melaleuca, lavender, peppermint and thyme essential oils showed the strongest killing power against MRSA and VRE antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to studies at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, UK. Many people without apparent infection carry the bug and can still spread it.” – Dr. Edward Chapnick



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