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Did you Oil Pull today?

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil PullingOil Pulling is a safe, simple, cheap and gentle procedure who’s benefits range from bringing health to your mouth and ridding your mouth of harmful toxins and bacteria, to a method that cures and prevents diseases and extends your healthy life.

Studies are on-going, but the procedure is gaining more and more popularity as people are finding success and positive results with oil pulling.  We will explain the details of oil pulling later in this article, but the basics involve pulling and swishing 1 tablespoon of Organic Sesame Seed, Coconut, Olive, Grapeseed or some other quality oil around your mouth and through your teeth for up to 20 Min., then spitting.  The therapy is simple and completely harmless, as you do not ingest medication or drugs.

Oil pulling was practiced in Ayurvedic medicine. Modern oil pulling was introduced in 1992 by Dr. F. Karach, MD. Dr. Karach claimed that this treatment will achieve remarkable results with illnesses like migraine headaches, bronchitis, diseased teeth, arterio thrombosis, chronic blood disorders such as leukemia, arthritis and related illnesses, neuro-physiological paralysis, eczema, gastro enteritis, peritonitis, heart disease, kidney disease, meningitis, and woman’s hormonal disorders are completely eliminated from the organism.  Dr. Karach’s claims that oil pulling heals the whole body in perpetuity.   He sites results with terminal diseases such as cancer, aids and chronic infections.

According to the African Journal of Microbiology Research, oil pulling is an effective defense against the bacteria associated with dental caries (tooth decay). Studies show that it has also been beneficial in the elimination of bleeding gums, the fastening of loose teeth and the visible whitening of the teeth.

Many advocates of oil pulling suggest safflower, sunflower or vegetable oil, but more and more studies and successes are finding higher quality oils are more effective.   The anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of whole, extra virgin coconut oil makes it the perfect choice for oil pulling and certainly is gaining popularity.

The use of essential oils added to the primary pulling oil is slow to find it’s way to most oil pulling enthusiasts because of the lack of superior essential oils that are CPTG quality.   But as people discover how a CPTG essential oil can benefit oil pulling, essential oils will become more and more popular in oil pulling.

Does maintaining a healthy mouth help you have a healthy body?

Up-and-coming science suggests that advanced gum disease can be linked to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and pre-term birth.

The Early stages of gum disease is gingivitis-which affects a majority of all adults at some point in their lives, and most don’t even know it.

Many theories exist and more studies are underway to explore the connection between good oral health and overall health. The conclusions lead us to know that a healthy mouth leads only to good things.

Lets explore these connections more.

Persistent halitosis (bad breath) is often a sign of a more serious problem in your mouth. Poor oral hygiene and gum disease are the primary causes of halitosis.

It is estimated that around 50% of adults have some form of gingivitis. Gingivitis, if left untreated, may progress to a more serious condition called periodontitis.

Besides weakening your teeth to the point of loosing them, studies suggest that periodontitis may affect the health of your entire body.

On going studies suggests that periodontitis may be associated with diabetes, heart disease, and numerous other health issues.

Heart Disease and Heart Attack

Studies suggest that advanced gum disease may be a contributing factor to heart disease.  The theory is that gum disease or periodontitis, allow oral germs to enter the bloodstream. These germs may affect the heart by attaching to the fatty plaques in your arteries, contributing to the formation of clots. According to this theory, these clots, in turn, can cause the restriction of blood flow (a.k.a. atherosclerosis) which may lead to a heart attack.


On going studies also suggest that advanced gum disease may be associated with the presence of blocked arteries in the brain, a condition which may lead to a stroke.

Further studies advise that gum disease, if allowed to progress, may allow germs to enter the bloodstream. These germs may attach to the fatty plaques in your arteries, contributing to the formation of clots. According to this theory, these clots, in turn, can cause the restriction of blood flow and, in some cases, a stroke.


Emerging science also suggests that diabetes and gum disease may be linked. Not only does diabetes increase your chance of gum infection, but gum infection may make diabetes harder to control.

Diabetics are significantly more likely to develop gum disease because of the way diabetes slows the body’s natural healing process. Research also suggests that advanced gum disease may have an adverse effect on blood-sugar levels-potentially making diabetes treatment less effective.

Can essential oils help with oral care, therefore health care?

This is where effective oral care can become a necessary part of health care.  Essential oils used the with an oral care routine that includes brushing, flossing and oil pulling with anti-septic and anti-bacterial essential oils can prevent gingivitis and peridontitis, thus improving our over all health care.

Exactly how do you do it?

Prior to breakfast on an empty stomach you take one tablespoon of coconut or other carrier oil and add 3-6 drops of essential oils.

Add your essential oils based on issues.  They might include, but are NOT limited to:

·   On Guard – General immune system, mouth and gum health, teeth problems, halitosis, cold, flu, sore throat, virus.

·   Oregano – Flu, Cold, Virus, sore throat, swollen glands, cold sores, herpes, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, anti viral.

·   Clove – Mouth and Gum, analgesic, anti-biotic, and antiseptic.

·   Frankincense – Analgesic, cold & flu, mouth surgery, mouth trauma, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.

·   Geranium – mouth and gum, throat, laryngitis, analgesic, antiseptic

·   Grapefruit – Cleansing, detoxifying, anti-septic, antibacterial.

·   Lemon – Cleansing, detoxifying, cold, sore throat, anti-septic.

·   Lemongrass – herpes, halitosis,

·   Melaleuca – Cold, flu, Immune system, braces irritation, Gum and mouth sores, Congestion, herpes, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial,, antiseptic.

·   Myrrh – mouth, teeth and gum, cold & flu, tonsillitis, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic.

Take the oils into the mouth but do not swallow it.  Move the oil slowly in the mouth as rinsing or swishing and as Dr Karach puts it; ” sip, suck and pull through the teeth” for fifteen to twenty minutes.  This process thoroughly mixes the oils with saliva.  Swishing activates the enzymes and the enzymes draw toxins out of the blood. The oil must not be swallowed, for it has become toxic. As the process continues, the oil gets thinner and white.  It is then spit from the mouth, the oral cavity must be thoroughly rinsed and mouth must be washed thoroughly. Just use normal tap water and brush with On Guard toothpaste.

This has in effect pulled toxins and poisons out through the mucous membranes of the mouth to be expelled.  If you use virgin coconut oil, expel into the garbage, as it can solidify in the drain.

It is important to understand that during the oil-pulling/swishing process one’s metabolism is intensified. Many feel this leads to improved health.  For many, the most striking results of this process is the fastening of loose teeth, the healing of sores, the elimination of bleeding gums and the visible whitening of the teeth.

The oil pulling /swishing is done best before breakfast. To accelerate the healing process, it can be repeated three times a day, but it is always best before meals on an empty stomach.

Remember, do not swallow. The oil should be spat out in the trash.

Per Dr. Karach, that this treatment will achieve remarkable results with illnesses like migraine headaches, bronchitis, diseased teeth, arterio thrombosis, chronic blood disorders such as leukemia, arthritis and related illnesses, neuro physiological paralysis, eczema, gastro enteritis, peritonitis, heart disease, kidney disease, meningitis, and women’s hormonal disorders are completely eliminated from the organism. The benefit according to Dr. Karach’s is that the oil therapy heals the whole body in perpetuity. In terminal diseases such as cancer, aids and chronic infections Dr. Karach reports this treatment method has been shown to achieve astonishing results.

Source: eeoils.me

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Tackling Cold/FLU during Pregnancy!

I woke up this morning at 2ish A.M. and felt that scratchy feeling in my throat. You know the one. I really didn’t want to get out of bed, but I knew I had to tackle this before it progressed into a full blown cold/FLU.

I’ll be taking this every two hours,


Plus nursing on this throughout the day – Homemade Chicken Broth (so happy I made chicken yesterday!)

And of course to please the Doc…….eXtra Vitamin C:). Yes dear!


Protect Your Family During Flu Season with On Guard: Part I-IV

Part I

It’s that time of year again; school is back in session, the weather is changing, and flu season is back. Flu season doesn’t have to get you down though because this year you have On Guard.
On Guard is a protective essential oil blend, consisting of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. We specifically formulated this blend to help support you and your family’s healthy immune system.

On Guard’s spicy and citrus aroma makes it one of the most versatile blends and can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. It is safe to use on counter tops, as a non-toxic way to clean surfaces, or to purify the atmosphere by diffusing.

Tips on how you can use On Guard essential oil:
Diffuse 2-4 drops of On Guard in home or office.
Take internally by putting a couple of drops in a capsule 2-3 times a day.

Put 6 drops per 24 oz. water in spray bottle to use to disinfect counter tops.

Massage on feet, back, neck and shoulders with a carrier oil to offer immune support.

Sanitize your toothbrush by mixing 2 Tbps water with 5 drops of On Guard in a small glass. Set toothbrush in glass and leave overnight.

Part II

It’s good health 101 — in addition to a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of rest, a safe and clean house is the basis for keeping you and your family free from sickness and infectious disease. But what about all those toxic chemicals found in most of today’s cleaning products? You might be concerned, and with good reason. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, household cleaning products account for 8.6 percent of all poison exposures and children age 5 and under make up more than half (51 percent) of all poison exposures. The last thing you should have to worry about is exposing your family to unnecessary toxic chemicals.
On Guard® Cleaner Concentrate is a safe way to keep your living space fresh and clean.

This powerful cleaner concentrate is made with a full 5ml bottle of On Guard Protective Blend, dōTERRA proprietary CPTG® essential oil blend, and is the ideal natural cleaner to defend your surfaces against dwelling contaminants and microbes.
It can be used in every room in the home/office and is safe for your family and the environment. Because On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is natural and made from plant-based derivatives it is ideal for any person who wants a safe and natural alternative to harsh, chemical cleaners.

On Guard Cleaner Concentrate is most popularly used in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and office. No matter what room it is used in, it will leave a clean and invigorating scent that is germ free.

Tips on how you can use Guard Cleaner Concentrate:

Multipurpose Cleaner: mix 2 Tbsp (1 oz) of concentrate per 24 oz water
Laundry: Use 1 Tbsp of concentrate with detergent to help eliminate odors and microbes
Dishes: Mix 3 Tbsp of concentrate per gallon of water
Bathrooms: Mix 3 Tbsp of concentrate per 24 oz water
Tough Jobs: Apply concentrate directly on designated area and let soak.

Part III

Hand washing has long been known as vital in stopping the spread of infectious diseases. With more than 52 million cases of the common cold each year in the U.S. and 10% to 20% of the population contracting the flu, keeping our hands germ free has never been more important.

On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash contains dōTERRA’s proprietary CPTG® essential oil blend and is a gentle, healthy alternative to harsh antibacterial soaps made with synthetic ingredients that may dry and irritate sensitive skin.

In a study done at Oklahoma University, research was conducted by using On Guard Protective Blend to see it’s effectiveness on influenza virus infections. The results were staggering. Despite antibiotics not being able to treat the influenza virus, results showed that On Guard Protective Blend reduced this virus by up to 90%. The researchers concluded that On Guard plays an important role in keeping families well without harsh side effects.

Placing On Guard Foaming Dispensers at every sink around the home and office provides those in your home and workplace with On Guard protection throughout the day, while also providing subtle style to sinks.

Tips on how to get your kids in the habit of washing their hands:
A thorough hand wash should last between 15-20 seconds. To help your kids wash their hands for a long enough time encourage them to sing “Happy Birthday”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, or the “ABC” song.
Put a little mark on their hand using a non-permanent pen, then tell them they need to wash off all of the ink.

Leave out a white hand towel for them to use to dry their hands. If dirt shows up on the towel, they’re not washing their hands properly.
Create a hand washing chart. For every time your child washes their hands, they get a sticker for their chart.

Always remind kids to wash their hands often. Observe when they are washing their hands correctly and congratulate them on their good work.
Are you washing your hands? Make sure you are setting a good example by washing your hands frequently. Kids love mimicking their parents.

Part IV

Don’t let flu season catch you off guard!

For an extra immunity boost, use On Guard® Protecting Throat Drops. It can be a potent addition to a defensive health strategy against seasonal threats and infectious outbreaks.

dōTERRA’s On Guard Protecting Throat Drops help calm and soothe dry, scratchy throats while supporting a healthy oral environment. The anti-microbial properties of the essential oils in the On Guard blend, when taken internally, can also support your body’s immune system.

These drops are perfect to keep on hand during the cold and flu season and is a convenient way for a quick immunity pick-me-up.

Take On Guard Protecting Throat drops when you have a sore throat, cold, feel like you are getting sick, or need an extra immunity boost.

For additional oral health to help support your immune system, use On Guard® Natural Whitening Toothpaste as your first line of defense against germs and other pathogens that can infect the mouth and throat.

According to a study1 on essential oil mouth rinses, the study reviewed the efficacy of an essential oil antiseptic mouth rinse versus dental floss in controlling interproximal gingivitis. They found that in addition with professional dental hygiene care and brushing teeth over six months, rinsing twice daily with an essential oil–containing mouth rinse was at least as good as flossing daily in reducing interproximal plaque and gingivitis.

Tip on how to use On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste as a Mouth Rinse:

  • On Guard Natural Whitening Toothpaste can also be a mouthwash! With foam from the toothpaste still in your mouth, add water, gargle, and spit. Voila. Effective mouthwash.


1. (Bauroth K, Charles CH, Mankodi SM, Simmons K, Zhao Q, and Kumar LD. The efficacy of an essential oil antiseptic mouthrinse vs. dental floss in controlling interproximal gingivitis. The Journal of the American Dental Association March 1, 2003 vol. 134 no. 3 359-365.)

Original Blog Post Source: http://doterrablog.com/

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